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Adam's journey into tattooing started long before he was born. You can say it’s a family tradition. Adam's great uncle Alton Elslinger tattooed and was a master sign painter specializing in gold leaf lettering from the late 1920's until his passing in 1967. Alton traveled the world and served his country admirably all while creating his art along the way, much like what Adam does today, carrying his love and passion for the traditional ways in a modern society. All of Alton's machines and equipment from Chicago tattoo supply was handed down to Adam and he still uses them to this day.

Adam started his 4-year tattoo apprenticeship in Santa Rosa California at Santa Rosa Tattoo, home of the Tattoos and Blues Convention, the world’s finest and longest running tattoo show. Adam's apprenticeship was very traditional and formal focusing on doing everything by hand. Making needles and inks, to painting his own flash, and carrying on the traditions of the tattooers that came before him. Adam takes great pride in his craft and making sure his clients have the best possible experience and tattoo. To this day you can still find Adam Wanderlusting this great country and world spreading his love for tattooing, and painting whatever he can get his hands on. A fine gentleman and tattooer waiting to work with you and carry on his family tradition.

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Aside from the collection on my website I do custom artwork, logo design, and other designs on request.  Please feel free to contact me with any requests. 

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